This session with Hannah and Will was one of my photography dreams come true. It was my first time shooting an actual proposal, and it literally made me cry. Being good friends with this gorgeous couple, I offered to do a photoshoot for them for “portfolio reasons”. We went to Central Park in New York, where Will’s late father has a bench placed in his honor. He told Hannah, “I wish my father could have been present for our wedding, but at least he can be present for our proposal…” and got down on one knee. O.M.G. It was such a meaningful and beautiful moment, and I’m absolutely honored to have captured it for them. I don’t know if she was more excited or I was! We continued our day celebrating their love and union with our intended photoshoot in the park. Emotions were high, and love at its fullest. Congratulations guys, I’m super thrilled for you both.

Photographed by Jasna Boudard

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