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Welcome to Travel Weddings, and thanks for taking a moment to learn more.

My name is Jasna Boudard. I’m an artist, world traveler, and wedding photographer.

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Weddings are a trip. After months of planning all the details, you experience the rush of celebrating an extremely special day with all your loved ones while feeling all the feels. And then just like that it’s over, and all you can hold to are the memories, relics, and imagery. But there are little decisions you can make that will help you steer, enjoy, and preserve the day. Investing a little extra in choosing the right fit for you is crucial to your wedding experience. 

If you’re looking for a photographer with who you can be comfortable, get personal, and have a wonderful time, let’s talk. I’d love to know you, where you are from, and what your story is. 

My story is simple: I care about love. A lot. My mission with Travel Weddings is to document love with all its unique intricacies throughout the world.

Before getting involved in weddings, I prided myself on being a matchmaker. They used to call me Nokia “connecting people” – no joke! Witnessing people connect, friends, family, or lovers, fills me with the most gratifying happiness. 

If you’re currently engaged, expecting, or simply discovering the world, you’re embarking on a transformative and exciting journey. It would be an honor to share in and immortalize your special moments.

I am currently based in New York and shoot all over the world. My work has taken me on islands, in castles, even to Burning Man! Please feel free to look through photo galleries, read through reviews, and ask me any question.

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