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Welcome to Travel Weddings!

My name is Jasna Boudard, thanks for visiting my website :)

I’m a photographer and artist whose mission in life is to document and showcase the infinite beauty of love. I look forward to every wedding with the same enthusiasm as if it were my own. It is always a great privilege to share people’s special days with them, and capture moments that they will forever remember. 

A little bit about me:  I’m from all over the world and have a deep love for traveling. I want to shoot weddings of every culture to capture the unique aspects of your unison. I speak English, French, Spanish, and Bangla, and get along with people of all backgrounds. I’m told that my fun spirit and professionalism make me ideal to work with. I’ve made wonderful friendships through my work and look forward to bonding with you!

I’m currently based in New York, but able to travel worldwide. Please inquire about my schedule, as well as price packages and other services available.

To view more of my photography and art work, please visit: