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Hi! Thank you for your interest in Travel Weddings.

I’m glad you’re taking a moment to see my work and learn more about me. My name is Jasna Boudard, I am the photographer and artist behind Travel Weddings

I’m half French and half Bengali, and am blessed to spend my life traveling and cultivating beauty with amazing people. For the past 10 years I have been shooting dancers and performers, fine art and commercial work, and tons of traveling photos. Getting into weddings was a recent development in my career but proved to be a perfect fit. I look forward to every wedding with the same enthusiasm as if it were my own. It is always a great privilege to share people’s special days with them and experience their culture in a very unique and intimate way. In the past few years I have shot weddings in 4 continents, all with different religious, traditional, and festive ways to celebrate love. My role is to create a personalized experience with you so that you can enjoy the day and the memories you dreamed of. I continuously develop new friendships through my work and look forward to bonding with you! I enjoy meeting people of all backgrounds and learning how they live around the world. I can speak English, French, Spanish, and Bangla, and a little bit of Japanese. Aside from traveling I love making art, exploring nature, and spending time with my loved ones.

I’m currently based in New York but happy to meet you anywhere in the world. Please inquire about my schedule, as well as price packages and other services available.

To view more of my photography and art work, please visit: