profile pic Jasna Boudard

Hello and welcome!  <(^_^)>

Thank you for your interest in my work. 

My name is Jasna Boudard, I am the photographer and artist behind Travel Weddings.

I started Travel Weddings with a dream: to document Love throughout the world in all its unique intricacies and cultural nuances. I look forward to every wedding with the same enthusiasm as if it were my own. It is always a great privilege to share people’s special days with them and experience their culture in a very intimate way.

This amazing dream took me to 4 continents and introduced me to different traditional, religious, and festive ways to celebrate love. If you’re looking for a photographer to bring novelty and creativity to your celebration, I’m your girl! My role is to immortalize your story while creating a personalized experience with you. I continuously develop new friendships through my work and look forward to bonding with you!

I’m currently based in New York but happy to meet you anywhere in the world. Please feel free to introduce yourself and ask me any questions.

To view more of my photography and art work, visit: