Photo by Love Wilde

Welcome to Travel Weddings! Thank you for taking a moment to learn more.

My name is Jasna Boudard. I’m a full time artist, photographer, and videographer. I love traveling, celebrating life, and creating magic. 

But most importantly, I care about relationships.

My mission with Travel Weddings is to document love with all its unique intricacies throughout the world. We live in a time when we can easily connect with others, allowing for incredible encounters and the fusion of different cultures – something I truly cherish. 

Finding someone who is good at capturing moments and stunning imagery is of course very important, but you should also factor in the value of having a good connection with the person telling your story.

Ultimately, this determines the outcome of your experience. 

When we work together, we will develop a professional and personal relationship so I that may tell your story in a way that is comfortable and will make you treasure your memories forever. 

I am currently based in New York and shoot all over the world – on islands, in castles, even at Burning Man. I will happily meet you anywhere.

For pricing, please contact me for a booklet.

To view my art, please visit my website.