Can I admit shooting Michelle and Adam’s wedding was a dream of mine? I finally got to experience and photograph my very first Jewish wedding :) Michelle and Adam celebrated their union through a traditional Orthodox Jewish wedding, which took place at the beautiful Palisadium in New Jersey overlooking New York City. The day was filled with non-stop high energy, fascinating rituals, and tons and tons of dancing! There was no need for the DJ to announce that the dance floor was open, everyone immediately rushed in and formed circles around circles, it was incredible! The guests also lifted the bride and groom on chairs and entertained them with their fantastics dance moves. Adam also had his turn to entertain Michelle, by serenading her with a guitar solo. I also loved the way they circled around each other during the ceremony, were covered under the same blanket, and broke the glass! Mazel tov guys!

Photographed by Jasna Boudard and Nick Koridis

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