I had always dreamed about shooting a traditional Japanese wedding, so I’m beyond thrilled to share these images! Thank you SO MUCH to Miwa and Kiichiro for flying me out to document your incredible wedding. It was a very unique experience for me as a photographer. The majority of the day was dedicated to kimono preparations, as layers upon layers hide under these beautiful garments. I feel blessed that they included me in this process which is typically super private. It was also interesting to witness the bride and groom getting ready together! After that I was dismissed. They had an intimate family lunch during which I toured the grounds and photographed every little corner of the gardens as everything was so photogenic! I was invited back to join them to document the second half of the day, where the couple did yet another lengthy wardrobe change and celebrated their union with their friends over an incredible dinner. Miwa and Kiichiro, arigato gozaimasu for an amazing opportunity to discover you and your incredible culture, and for making my dream come true!  Shot at the famous Tofuya Ukai right under the Tokyo Tower in Tokyo, Japan.

Photographed by Jasna Boudard

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