Weddings are always extremely meaningful, but this particular one might be the most meaningful for me… The serendipity of moments that brought us together for this event still blows me away.

I met Gilles in Bangladesh 5 years ago. We bonded over being French and photographers, and was in awe of his work. Fast forward to 2018, I was browsing online for some travel inspiration and stumbled across a beautiful photoshoot for Fringe & Epaulette, where I recognized Gilles’ signature style and logo. I reached out to the model / designer to point out this amusing connection, who then invited me to a dinner party in New York. I thus met the beautiful Yoshi, and the amazing community who changed my life… I could write a whole post about I Feel, a Burner community that throws fantastic events and who became my new family. To sum up six beautiful months into six words, I love them so freaking much. I made countless new friends and work connections, including a wonderful couple with an adorable little girl. I literally squealed when this couple invited me to accompany them to Burning Man as their daughter’s babysitter – a dream come true (if you haven’t heard of Burning Man, do yourself a favor a click on the link / google this life changing event / and GO!).

To sum up this unbelievable series of events, going to my first Burn to shoot the wedding of the lovers that sparked this incredible journey is beyond words and reason. It is simply a full circle of magic, love, and destiny…

Thank you, all of you.

(to know more about this magical wedding day, check out Yoshi’s blog where she shares her story and the process of designing the entire wardrobe! Also check out the artist who makes those insane masks! And the mesmerizing Radia Lumia sculpture that hosted the ceremony).

Photographed by Jasna Boudard

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