Weddings are always extremely meaningful, but the serendipity of this particular one might be extra meaningful for me… Through a series of encounters that spanned years, complete chance timing of things, and a sprinkle of magic to tie it all together, I found myself in a place that had been calling me for years: Black Rock City, NV, the home of Burning Man.

Despite the difficult conditions that come with shooting in the desert, everything about shooting the wedding of these two creative individuals in this oasis of creativity was a delight. The groom Gilles is also a talented artist and photographer, so I was honored the role of capturing his special day with Yoshi. Everything that day was left up to fate, except the stunning details that were all hand made – The light up bridals outfits (designed by the bride herself!), the intricate masks they wore (by artist Dan Schaub), even the Radia Lumia light sculpture that hosted their ceremony. They got married on the playa at sunset surrounded by their friends, served champagne and cake that they had made that day. The union of not only these lovers but all the talented humans that came together to make this event a possibility was incredibly special.

It was truly a moment of magic, love, and destiny…

Thank you, all of you.


To know more about this magical wedding day, read Yoshi’s blog where she shares her story.

This wedding was also published on Rock & Roll Bride, thank you Kat for the feature!


Photographed by Jasna Boudard

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