What services do you provide?

I am in the process of growing my business to all aspects of wedding planning and production, but for now I focus on my passion – photography. I have wonderful and talented co-shooters who help me out on weddings that request second shooters or videographers, and are available as referrals if I’m off on another adventure.


What is your shooting style?

Relaxed. I don’t enjoy over-directing clients, it’s not fun for anyone. I’m more of a guide, someone who observes and suggests improvements to real moments. I aim to capture the bigger and smaller picture of what you are living, because it’s about telling your story. All the little details matter. All the many things you may not even notice. My shooting style is to look out for you, and make sure it looks beautiful.


What is the price for your wedding photography services? 

I work with clients on their budget, looking for solutions that benefit everyone. I’ve shot for free and for millionaires. I understand wedding are expensive and priorities have to be made, but having those moments lived and captured in the best way possible is priceless.  Let me know your situation and I’ll guide you accordingly, I would be happy to help you find what you need. I also travel and live very efficiently and will likely save you money – it’s one of my specialties.


Can you help us with wedding logistics?

I’m gonna share a little secret… After planning my wedding – a fusion of cultures that spanned 5 events across 2 continents with guests from over 30 countries flying in (yeah I know…), I learned A LOT about the production of a travel wedding. Whether you are looking for a photographer or need some insight as you plan the biggest day(s) of your love life, let me know how I can help you. Advice is always free.


Can we meet prior to booking?

Absolutely! In fact I recommend you meet anyone involved in such important moments. You should feel 100% excited and assured about the people you choose to work with. I always meet my clients in person or via video chat so we can get to know each other, discuss what we envision, and make some magic together.


What if we don’t have a wedding and just wanna shoot? 

Always welcome! I’ve been doing photography for a long time. I’ve shot with dancers, circus performers, models, and awkward beginners. I’m available for any type of work, including family portraits, engagement shoots, bridals, boudoirs… all the love stuff.