jaz wedding headshot

I’m Jasna Boudard, the creator of Travel Weddings.

I’m an award winning artist, photographer, and videographer. I love traveling, celebrating life, and making magic. But most of all, I care about connecting.

My mission with Travel Weddings is to document love stories around the world. As someone with a multicultural background, I cherish the way love overcomes differences and unites people. Love is an adventure, and I’m willing to travel to the edge of the world to honor your unique connection.

Finding someone who is talented at capturing moments and stunning imagery is of course very important, but you should also factor in the value of working with someone who cares about you. This simple detail will not only guide the visual results, but your overall experience. I’m here to make sure your story reflects who YOU are, in a way that is comfortable and authentic to you. I want you to simply enjoy your love and leave the rest to me.

I am based in New York and will happily meet you anywhere. My work has taken me across North and South America, Europe and Asia. I truly believe that in every culture and religion, language and ritual, there is a beautiful story waiting to be told…


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