“Working with Jasna for our wedding video was the best decision we made (other than getting married). Leading up to the wedding, she was so thoughtful in asking questions to prepare her coverage. On the day of, she melded in seamlessly with our entire wedding party and made people feel relaxed on camera. She got out video back to us promptly and we were BLOWN AWAY at how artistic, creative, and thoughtful she was in capturing the day – everything from the details, to all our families & friends faces. We were thrilled with working with her throughout the process and touched by how much love she put into the final product – layering speeches, music, and the different ‘chapters’ of the day (getting ready, ceremony, dinner, after party etc). Jasna is a true gem, her soulfulness and genuine love for her craft is evident in everything she does.”

-Rebecca Peters


“Jasna is a pleasure to work with! She took the time and effort to learn all about the important rituals and traditions, took amazing and beautiful shots, and delivered the finalized product in a timely and professional manner. On a personal note, she is an all around wonderful person with a huge heart. Simply, she’s someone you would want by your side on your wedding day. We would recommend her for any occasion. Thanks Jasna!”

-Michelle & Adam Blander


“I had my wedding at Burning Man which is a challenging environment for any photographer. It was Jasna’s first time going to Burning Man and she the initiative to spend the entire day photographing our wedding. She caught all the special moments from me baking my wedding cake at the Black Rock City bakery, the wedding party getting dressed in our RV, to the magical wedding ceremony that occurred as the sun set over playa. The photos are to die for and we are extremely happy that Jasna was there with her infectious energy and smile to document everything. Each time we look at Jasna’s photos of our wedding, we relive the happy moments. Would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to have extraordinary wedding photography!”

-Yoshi Churnac


“Jasna was great at helping us recreate the moment I proposed. We had a ton of fun running around central park and she was very good at pulling me out of my shell and capturing beautiful moments. It never felt awkward or overly staged, and the photos that came out of the shoot are amazing. I’d absolutely recommend Jasna for any wedding or engagement shoot!”

-William Watts

“Blended superbly with our guests over 3 days of celebrations; brought out the best in them & the day itself! We continue to receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from friends and family on the photos and photographer herself.
Professional yet familiar style to help create the moment; great eyes & mind to capture it on film. Highly recommend!”

-Matt Whelan

“Let me begin by saying that taking photos of an active toddler (sleeping, running, playing at her own will) is not easy. Add on mud everywhere, lake and mountain area and mid-day sun – Very very challenging! Jasna did an incredible job! We couldn’t believe how amazing the photos came out! All the while being super patient and traveling with us to the far away location early in the morning. We can’t wait for many more family photoshoots with her!”

-Seemona Hashem

“We had an absolutely delightful engagement photoshoot with Travel Weddings. Jasna was everything we could have hoped for and so much more in a photographer. She was patient, kind, continuously encouraging and made two photo-awkward people look like models! We are both so happy with how everything went. The photos are perfect and we will treasure them for the rest of our lives. These memories will live on forever and to have them captured in such an amazing manner takes my breath away. We just can’t recommend Travel Weddings enough.”

-Fanny Talledo


“Jasna is amazing. We asked her to shoot photos before and on our wedding party in Tokyo, Japan. We know that she is familiar with Japanese people and culture and respects them but believe that she still has a cosmopolitan and artistic viewpoint. So we left everything up to her with looking forward to seeing something wonderful happen. It did! You can find that we were right at the travel-weddings webpage.”

-Miwa Nakajo

“We had Jaz shoot our wedding reception in Brooklyn. She did an outstanding job—the photos were absolutely magical, much better than we had dreamed! She has an eye for the details we were too busy to notice on the night, and she captured special moments we would have missed in the chaos of trying to chat with each guest on the evening. Jaz was professional, lovely and non-intrusive. We love our photographs and would highly recommend her!”

-Sarah Marie Howe

“Jaz is not just a great photographer but also a great person. She is just the type of person you would want at any special celebration like a wedding. She is very easy going and has a breezy spirit to her. She arrived well prior to the celebration starting with all her equipment ready to go, captured all the special moments with a wonderful eye, and has delivered stunning images. We were so happy to have her at our wedding. Highly recommended!”

– Christie O’Loughlin


“Jaz is a seriously talented photographer! I absolutely love the photos she took at my wedding, captured the moments beautifully! As a bride, I felt very comfortable with her; she lets you be without making you pose like crazy, which makes it enjoyable! So honoured to be a part of her work! Thank you for the gorgeous pictures!”

-Fariza Ibrahim


“Jasna is an amazing photographer. We are blessed to have had her shoot our wedding. Jasna truly captured the extra special moments and then some. Her pictures came out as vivid and beautiful as the memories in our minds. Thank you so much jaz!! 

-Kristin Dawn


“Jasna did a wonderful job at my holud, best pictures of all the wedding events. The best part about Jasna is that she gives you a lot of time & room for that personalised touch in your pictures. Made a wonderful friend in the process too!”

-Rahiba Rafeul